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Are you an SAME Post Leader? Here you will find information about Streamer criteria, change of office reports, financial and administrative information, best practices samples and templates, and operations manuals.

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Who has time to re-invent the wheel? This ever-growing collection of Post Program Best Practices, Models, and Samples are used by other SAME Posts and is designed to generate ideas and save you time. Feel free to adapt to your needs or adopt it as is!

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Post Operations & Administration

Use the information and links below to access the required documents and general information for establishing your Post. Please contact Membership & Post Operations if you have any questions.

Updated In-Person Meeting Guidance (June 2021)
Risk Assessment Tool

Post Membership Statistics

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SAME Membership Cycle & Understanding Reports webinar - June 2021 slides

2022 - Membership Streamer is based on growth in Individual and Sustaining Company member categories.

The August 2022 Membership Numbers will be delayed as we transition to our new systems. If you need a roster please email

July 2022 Membership Numbers
June 2022 Membership Numbers
May 2022 Membership Numbers
April 2022 Membership Numbers
March 2022 Membership Numbers
February 2022 Membership Numbers
January 2022 Membership Numbers
2022 Starting Membership Numbers

There was no Membership Streamer awarded for 2021
December 2021 Final Membership Numbers
November 2021 Membership Numbers
October 2021 Membership Numbers
September 2021 Membership Numbers
August 2021 Membership Numbers
July 2021 Membership Numbers
June 2021 Membership Numbers
May 2021 Membership Numbers
April 2021 Membership Numbers
March 2021 Membership Numbers
February 2021 Membership Numbers
January 2021 Membership Numbers
2021 Starting Membership Numbers - Corrected numbers are posted! 

2020 - There was no Membership Streamer awarded for 2020





Note: Members who are both an Individual and Sustaining Member Representative will be counted for both memberships.

Need Post Rosters?  Go to your Member Account and the Post Roster Section.

Post Communications & Websites

Streamer Awards

The Streamer Portal for 2022 is open. Requires unique login for each Post. Email for assistance.

2020-2021 Distinguished Student Chapter submission form
2025 Streamers Program - started January 1, 2021
2025 Streamers Planning Tool - utilize to plan your program year
2025 Streamers Briefing - learn about the program
Streamer Program Briefing (MP4)


Starting in 2021 all Posts of the Society of American Military Engineers will be required to submit their annual activities via the Streamer Awards supporting the five areas supporting the SAME 2025 Strategic Plan, as part of their required Annual Report. The Post Streamers Awards are presented during the Joint Engineer Training Conference and Expo held the following spring.

Streamer Submission Procedures

Submission for the 2025 Streamers Program will be through the online portal. Submissions will require a write up of 250 words or less, detailing how the Post met the intention of the task supporting the various goals in the Strategic Plan. Additional documentation will no longer be required for submissions. 

Streamer Review 

Streamers will be reviewed at the end of the submission period and overseen by the National Board of Direction, under the guidance of the Vice President over Posts. Reviewers will be comprised of Elected Directors, COI members and the Awards Committee. 

Deadline for Submissions

The Calendar Year 2021 Streamer Submissions – Submissions will be entered throughout the year and final entries will be due on January 31, 2022.

Post Size for 2021 Streamer Criteria

  • Small Post (0-175 members): Complete one activity from IGE and earn 600 points.
  • Medium Post (176-450 members): Complete one activity from IGE and earn 1000 points
  • Large Post (451+ members): Complete one activity from IGE and earn 1700 points.

There will be no Membership Streamer for 2021.

Past Streamer Results

Post Financial Guidelines

If you have any questions, contact Post Operations at

Post Annual Reports: Due March 31

  • IRS Tax Filing Requirements: All Posts must annually file a Form 990 with the IRS - the specific Form 990 that your Post must file will depend upon your Post’s gross receipts.
  • The group exemption number is 1278. This will be needed on IRS Form 990. The specific Form 990 that your Post must file will depend upon your Post’s gross receipts.
  • Posts with average gross receipts for the prior three years of $50,000 or less file the Form 990-N (known as the e-Postcard)
  • Those with higher annual gross receipts than that will continue to file a Form 990 or Form 990-EZ as required for their circumstances by the IRS regulations.
  • SAME encourages Posts to consult with a professional tax adviser as they address their IRS filing requirements.

Forms and Online Resources

Regional Vice President information

RVP Manual Travel Guidelines RVP Travel Reimbursement Form
Installation of Officers RVP Medal Request Post Participation Indicator [Spring 2022]
Post - Field Chapter Policy 2022 Post Assessment Form  


Posts and RVPs by Region




Post Leader Training Videos

SAME 2018 Annual Report

The Society of American Military Engineers
2018 Annual Report

Watch the video on YouTube.

SAME Young Member

SAME Young Members Recruitment

Watch the video on YouTube.

What is GDPR? What does it mean for SAME?

General Data Protection Regulation Presentation by SAME's Database Manager, Natasha Rocheleau.

Watch the video on YouTube.

2018 Camp Online Application Demo

SAME 2018 Camp Online Application Demo

Watch the video on YouTube.


Be Inspired by Post Best Practices


SAME Classic website will shut down on Thursday, February 29, 2024. Post websites hosted by the national office are completed migrated into our new system.

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“Member participation continues to grow as we share best practices and as we put into practice the lessons we are learning at the Post Leader Workshop to enable volunteer leaders to be more effective and save time.”

-Capt. Mike Blount, P.E., LEED AP, F.SAME, USN (Ret.), AECOM, 2016-2017 SAME National President