Develop and communicate to all Posts the strategies, best practices and tools that are most effective for them to grow their membership, to foster greater member engagement and leadership, and to enhance their members’ experience with SAME, further enabling each Post to support the current Strategic Plan of the Society.

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SAME 2025 DEI National Plan | SAME DEI Executive Commitment Statement


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As one of the “operational” Communities of Interest (vs. “technical” COIs), the Membership COI serves as an extension of the national office staff to assist all Post leaders, especially Posts’ Membership Chairs/POCs, with the tools, resources and connections necessary to help enhance their members’ society experience through their locally relevant Posts.   Between our COI members and the post membership chairs/POCs, invited to our calls and sponsored webinars, we are over 140 people strong across SAME.    

SAME’s Membership COI is open to any SAME member to participate.   Unlike many of our other COIs that focus in on special professional and technical interest areas important to SAME members, the Membership COI provides participants with a broad-ranging opportunity to become involved at the national level.  Our forum has the potential to positively impact the experience of every current and future member of the society as it pursues its strategic goals.    If you are interested in getting more information about Membership COI activities, or in serving on the Membership COI Steering Committee, please e-mail your interest and contact info to Dana Otto and Jill Murphy.

Objectives of the Membership COI 
  • Provide opportunities to foster connections with other post leaders across all sizes of posts and post geographies  
  • Engage with best practices employed at others posts’ by their leaders and members 
  • Share creative tools and resources aimed at improving post level retention and recruitment successes

Community Chair

Dana Otto, WSP

COI Meetings

Second Tuesday every month

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET


Meeting ID: 315 318 707 925
Passcode: 3ixurU