Community Mission

The mission of the SAME Leader Development Community of Interest (LD COI) is to develop, execute, and track leader development (LD) activities across the SAME enterprise in support of the 2025 SAME Strategic Plan – Securing America’s Future, Together. Specifically, the LD COI will lead efforts to enhance leadership development and cultivate the talent necessary to address the nation’s grand challenges ensuring the enduring stewardship of the A/E/C profession.

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Membership in the LD COI is open to all members of SAME. Leadership for the COI shall be composed of the Leadership Team, as defined below. Positions may be added to or removed from the Leadership Team at the discretion of the COI Chair.

The community will be composed of LD POCs from each Post as identified on the Post Change of Officers Form filed with SAME National office annually. Any SAME member interested in leader development can also join the LD COI community.

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The Power of Y.O.U: SAME Leader Development Webinar

Date: August 18, 2022 | 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM EST

Webinar description:

This webinar will focus on three areas that directly impact your leadership acumen: Y - Your Values; O - Ownership of Behavior; and U - Understanding Others. Participants will be engaged to get started on thinking about themselves as well as their impact on others. The webinar will also include a take away activity participants can use with their organization or team.

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For registration questions or issues, please contact


Trigena Halley, PCC, BCC
Founder/Owner, Peak Performance CCT 


Zak Payne, Matrix Design Group

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Program Impact

For 100 years, SAME has been dedicated to patriotism and national security. As we start our second century, we hope members are inspired to further advance these aims of service through building leaders and leading collaboration across the spectrum of our involvement.

Through its programs, SAME offers Posts and members the opportunity to help achieve this goal. Program outcomes present a diversity of impact that ensures the Society endures for the next 100 years.

To learn more about the impact the Society is making with programs like the Leader Development Program, visit:

To learn more about the LDP projects, view a feature in the Nov/Dec TME issue.


Leader Development COI: A Resource for Post Leaders (click here)
A short summary of the COI and the services/ resources available to Posts as you work with your Post members.

Leader Development Toolkit: A Resource for Developing a Leader Development Program
Modeled after the National Leader Development Program, this LD Toolkit was developed by the LD COI to provide a framework for SAME posts to establish their own LD program. The goal is to increase opportunities for individual members to advance their leadership skills.

Mentoring Across SAME: A Mentoring Guide for Posts and Members (click here) 
Working under the guidance of the SAME Leader Development Community of Interest (LD COI), the Mentoring Advisory Group is pleased to provide this guide to mentoring opportunities found at SAME. As one of the four main pillars of the LD COI, we consider mentoring is an “essential” leadership skill.  Mentorship is critical to help members identify, develop, and utilize contacts and resources. Mentoring opportunities abound for those seeking them.

Mentor Relationship Guide
Mentoring is about helping a mentee develop social capital within an environment where they have the resources and support to develop technical and intellectual capital. We hope this guide will help you in your role as a mentor.

Mind Mapping A Strategy

As the Leader Development COI began forming, the leadership team realized "leadership" was too broad a topic to properly advance within SAME. The COI needed a way to add definition to their scope while ensuring they stayed in strategic alignment. They turned to mind-mapping, a process of graphically visualizing information, relationships, and heirchies within a given scope. The process usually involves utilizing a facilitator trained in mind-mapping. The LD COI was fortunate to work with Rear Admiral John J. Adametz, Commander, Naval Facilities Engineering Command Pacific, to facilitate their process. The end results are captured below. Click on the titles to view a YouTube clip of the process in action.

Scope (Video)   Long Range Planning (Video) 


(Click on the image to download a PDF of the image. Click on the title for a video of the process.)

The LD COI is investigating how to use this process to benefit more COIs or Posts. If you are interested in this tool, contact LD COI Communications Chair: Angie Martinez.

Strategic Alignment

Goal 1: Strengthen Industry-Government Engagement

Lead efforts to foster communication and build relationships among military, public, academic, and professional organizations; further collaboration to identify issues and develop solutions in support of National security.

LDP provides a platform for industry and government members to grow professionally in a mutually supportive environment. Industry and government professionals interact under a common theme. The program also offers members of government and industry the opportunity to support the program as instructors and mentors.

Goal 2: Build and Sustain Resilient Communities
Lead efforts to prepare communities to absorb, recover, and adapt from natural and man-made threats, fortify our nation’s resolve directly where people work and live.

Leadership is key to decision-making. When faced with tough circumstances, a leader’s ability to respond to threats helps determine their resilience. LDP enhances that ability.

Goal 3. Develop Leaders for the Profession
Lead efforts to enhance leadership development and cultivate the talent necessary to address the nation’s grand challenges; ensure the enduring stewardship of the A/E/C profession.

Leader development is core to the Leader Development Program.

Goal 4: Enrich the STEM Pipeline for the Nation
Lead efforts to inspire, encourage, and enable youth to pursue STEM careers; help develop the technical capacity that our nation needs to remain globally competitive.

As a component of leader development, mentoring ensures knowledge, skills, and aptitudes are shared among the membership. Student members can especially benefit from mentoring to enhance their own leader development.

Goal 5. Prepare Service Members and Veterans for the A/E/C Industry
Lead efforts to fully integrate military and government members in the A/E/C industry; support training, credentialing, and networking initiatives that build, maintain, and translate skills to meet current and future needs.

LD provides a platform to leverage the leadership of service members and veterans as well as enhance leadership development for them to address challenges in the A/E/C profession.

A Resource for Post Leaders

SAME’s newest COI is ready to support the Society's 2025 SAME Strategic Plan by ensuring Posts have the resources to cultivate the leaders needed to secure America’s future. To accomplish this, the LD COI is proud to present the following Resource for Post Leaders (click here to download).

The document details the scope of the COI and the services/resources the COI can provide you as you work with your Post members. The executive summary introduces you to the COI, and the remaining chapters describe the COI's four main pillars: Post-Level Leader Development, Mentorship, the flagship SAME Leader Development Program (LDP), and LD COI Programs.

We look forward to supporting you, your Post members, and the rest of the Society to develop leaders to address the nation’s grand challenges.

   Community Leadership

Chair: CDR Roland de Guzman, P.E., CEM, USN (Ret.)

Senior Project Manager, MBP

Conshohocken, PA


Vice-chair: Zakary Payne, P.E.

Matrix Design Group

Boerne, TX



   LDP Task Force

National LDP Co-Chair: LTC Michael R. Darrow, P.E., PMP, F.SAME, USA (Ret.)

National LDP Co-Chair: Eric Wilbur, P.E. F.SAME, USAF (Ret.)

LDP Monthly Webinar Lead: James S. Blake II, CQM

LDP Book Discussion POC: Lt. Col. Craig Bryant, P.E., USA

LDP Mentor POC: Ree Miskimon, P.E.

LDP UPIC Projects Lead: Caroline Roberts

LDP Overall Curriculum Lead: Mike Darrow

LDP Evaluations: Colleen Rust, PMP, CPG

   Executive Committee Structure

Marketing/Communications Vice-chair: Summer Gladden

Programs Vice-chair: Zakary Payne

Evaluation Vice-chair: COL C. Patrick Hogeboom IV, P.E., F.SAME, USA

Streamers Vice-chair: COL Charlie Hart, P.E., PMP, F.SAME, USA (Ret.)

Leader Development Program Co-Chair: LTC Mike Darrow, P.E., PMP, F.SAME, USA (Ret.)

Leader Development Program Co-Chair: Colonel Eric Wilbur, P.E., REM, USAF (Ret.)

Mentoring Vice-chairAmelia DaCruz, PET

Young Member COI Liaison: Victoria Mechtly

AOF Liaison: Philios Angelides, P.E., F.SAME, FACEC

Enlisted COI Liaison: SMSgt Philip McAlpin, Jr.

Credentialing COI LiaisonJames Buckingham, P.E.

At-Large Members

Charlie Hart, P.E., F.SAME, USA (ret.)
Michael Nosbisch, PSP
Sally Riker, F.SAME
Lisa Thoele, CPSM, APR, LEED AP
Lt Col Jonathon E Byrnes, USAF

Mentoring Advisory Group

Mentoring Vice-chair: Amelia DaCruz, PET

LDP Mentoring POC: Susan Thames, F.SAME

AOF Mentoring POC: Philios Angelides, P.E., F.SAME, FACEC

Post-level Mentoring: Gerald Morris, CDT, LEED AP BD&C, PMP, CCM

YM Mentoring & Recognition POC: James Buckingham, P.E.

Agency Mentoring POC: Capt. Ashlee Ellis

One-on-One Mentoring POC: Michelle Chambliss

Sustaining Member Mentoring POC: Thad Tobaben

Camp Mentoring POC: Shawn D. Moore, Col USAF (Ret), F.SAME

COI Programs

The LD COI supports the following programs:
  • Leader Development Program--Developed with support from the SAME Foundation, the LDP identifies and cultivates talent from within the SAME membership to address the nation’s grand challenges. Participants explore individual strengths and team dynamics. The program supports the development of the next generation of world class military, government, civilian, and industry leaders for the Society and our Nation. LDP is a yearlong commitment, running from Joint Engineer Training Conference (JETC) to the following JETC.
  • Mentoring--Mentoring is a key component to SAME engagement efforts to maintain leadership in the A/E/C industries and ensure the country has the STEM professionals it needs to secure the nation. Mentoring also offers an excellent opportunity for leader development by the mentor and the mentee. Led by the mentoring advisory group, SAME is working to connect mentoring opportunities across the Society into once strategy. From camp mentoring to mentoring of LDP participants to engaging with student members and young professionals at SAME national events, SAME can find the right mentoring opportunity that fits your time and interest.

View a graphic of the mentoring strategy by clicking here.

Post Programs

Post-level Leader Development 

Does your Post conduct a leader development program? If so, the LD COI would like to make sure your program is represented by this community. If your Post has a Leader Development POC, make sure they sign on to be part of the LD COI so they can add to the body of knowledge of the community. 

To discuss establishing a program at your post, including developing a corresponding budget, curriculum, and application process, contact: Colonel Eric Wilbur, P.E., REM, USAF (Ret.), Post-level LDP Vice-chair.


Post-level Mentoring 

Does your Post conduct a mentoring program? If so, the LD COI would like to make sure your program is represented as part of the LD COI mentoring strategy. If your Post has a Mentoring POC, make sure they sign on to be part of the LD COI so they can add to the body of knowledge of the community. To learn more, contact Gerald Morris, CDT, LEED AP BD&C, PMP, CCM, Post-level Mentoring POC.

Sustaining Member Leader Development/Mentoring

If your company or organization conducts a leader development or mentoring program, the LD COI would like to promote your efforts and present it as a best practice to the LD community. The Mentoring Advisory Group is also looking for a sustaining member representative to help the Society strategize mentoring across the organization. Please contact Thad Tobaben, Sustaining Member Mentoring POC, to share details about your program.


Call for Instructors/Trainers


The LD COI is recruiting leaders from government, private sector, and academic fields willing to discuss leadership issues impacting the Society and/or present leader development best practices to community members, with a special focus on building their core competencies. The LD COI seeks instructor or trainer volunteers that can provide monthly webinars as part of the COI's programming.

Support the development of the next generation of world class military, government civilian, and industry leaders for the Society and our nation by becoming an LD COI instructor or trainer.

If you are interested in serving as an instructor or trainer, please fill out the attached form (click here) so we can record your interest. If you have questions, contact Jeannine Finton, LD COI Program Manager, at


Key Leadership Development Commission


The KLDC was formed in May of 2020 to increase the number and diversity of SAME Key Leader Position (KLP) candidates; ensure a consistent pipeline of interested, qualified candidates for SAME KLPs; help members navigate their SAME and professional career by gaining and applying a diverse set of experiences; and to demystify KLP requirements, expectations, and selection process.  To learn more, click here.

Class of 2021 Graduation (June 18, 2021)


On June 28, 2021, Society leaders gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of the LDP Class of 2021 as part of their virtual graduation ceremony. Eighteen participants, representing SAME regions and the International COI, concluded a year-long professional development program designed to advance the leadership capacity of SAME. They join an active community of alumni that continues to provide return on the SAME Foundation’s investment. 

LTG Thomas P. Bostick, USA (Ret.), 53rd Chief of Engineers and Commanding General of the US Army Corps of Engineers, provided a tremendous keynote address on the need to stay resilient as they advance through their careers. He also challenged the class to stay true to their aspirations and maintain resolve when they know what needs to be done. The LDP thanks LTG Bostick for providing such an inspirational address.

The LDP provides a deep dive on various leadership topics through instructor-led webinars, monthly book discussions, and a final project. Projects fell into three categories: Adding to the Body of Industry Knowledge; Developing Best Practices; and Expanding the Presence of SAME. Their project work will ensure the Society remains a valuable resource to our members and our industry well into its second century.

Thank you to the SAME Foundation for funding this incredible program. And congratulations of this new class of alumni!

For more on the LDP, go to
To read about the projects, go to
To watch the graduation ceremony, go to:


“I love to serve the Society with my fellow SAME architects for such a good cause and along the way develop a strong bond both professionally and personally with these people. I can truly call them my friends.”

-J.J. Tang, FAIA, F.SAME, Chair, SAME Architectural Practice Committee 2013-2016