The KLDC was formed in May of 2020 to increase the number and diversity of SAME Key Leader Position (KLP) candidates; ensure a consistent pipeline of interested, qualified candidates for SAME KLPs; help members navigate their SAME and professional career by gaining and applying a diverse set of experiences; and to demystify KLP requirements, expectations, and selection process.  To learn more, click here.

Myths Busted

  • There’s no way I have the time or experience to be a SAME Regional or National Leader.
    FALSE! SAME Regional and National Leadership positions are available to interested members with a wide range of availability and experience.
  • You have to “know someone” to be selected for Regional and National SAME leadership positions.
    FALSE! Nomination/selection process for SAME KLPs is fair and transparent. We celebrate interest from a broad range of SAME volunteer leaders!
  • SAME has a “smoke filled room” where “SAME regulars” hand-pick Regional and National Leaders.
    FALSE! SAME is smoke-free! The Society is dedicated to developing leaders and focused on a fair, transparent leadership selection process. But we need everyone’s help to get the word out!
  • SAME Key Leadership Positions aren’t open to Young Professionals (<40 years old).
    FALSE! Young Professions are eligible for ALL SAME leadership positions; additionally, at least one Elected Director per year must be a Young Professional.
  • I can’t just nominate myself for a SAME Key Leadership Position.
    FALSE! Self-nominations are welcome for ALL SAME leadership Positions.


Interested in a position, but need to speak to somebody with first-hand knowledge?

Contact Subject Area
Matt Altman KLDC Leader
Adam Boubede Enlisted leadership, COI leadership
Jeff Davis Regional Vice President position
Pete Delano Regional Vice President position
Suzanne Grix Young Professionals
Sharon Krock Regional Vice President position, AOF Executive Committee, professional diversity
Ben Matthews Elected Director, COI positions
Angela Nocera Elected Director
Sal Nodjomian National Officers (Vice President, President-Elect, President)
Kathy Off Process, procedure
Lisa Thoele COI positions
Carrie Ann Williams Regional Vice President position


“SAME has incredible leadership opportunities beyond the Post level. SAME has amazing volunteer leaders. We just need to connect them!”

–Col Matt Altman, P.E., F.SAME, USAF

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