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Young Professionals COI Webinar

 Pitfalls and Opportunities for Electric Vehicles at Government Installations


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Electric Vehicles may account for more than 25% of personally-owned vehicles (POVs) and an even larger percentage of fleet vehicles by 2030. Despite their benefits and increased adoption, the majority of new federal facilities and even those currently in design have no provision for electric vehicle charging. This virtually assures costly future upgrades to electrical infrastructure and associated paving and site work. Potentially worse, it delays the adoption of cleaner electric vehicles for employee use and can lock-in the use of more expensive fossil-fuel-based fleet vehicles for years to come.


This panel discussion will provide a variety of viewpoints including those of the A/E industry, Federal Policy Consultants, and Installing Contractors on the charging of electric vehicles at federal facilities. It will provide guidance on how to design facilities to easily accommodate future electric vehicle service equipment and avoid common pitfalls during installation and design that can have long-term consequences. It will also explain the current regulations surrounding charging of personally-owned vehicles and provide guidance to facility mangers to navigate this challenge. Finally, it will explore the potential impacts on installation power quality when large, fast-charging equipment is installed, and describe how best to address these challenges and mitigate costs.


Speakers (Download flyer for complete bios.)

Rob McAtee

Director of Energy and Sustainability Services

Mason & Hanger (a Day and Zimmermann Company)


Jason O'Neil

Energy Solutions Manager

SES Green Solutions


Matt Bianco


FedWay Consulting, LLC



YP Webinar: Pitfalls and Opportunities for Electric Vehicles at Government Installations
Start Date/Time:
Tuesday, January 18, 2022 12:00 PM
End Date/Time:
Tuesday, January 18, 2022 1:00 PM