SAME has been supporting science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) events for over 30 years and conducting camps for almost 20 years.

Our camps are world-class and feature a very impressive record of producing thousands of engineers and STEM leaders. They provide a rigorous experience for students interested in exploring STEM skills and careers. Campers gain a sense of what it takes to become a STEM professional and what options exist to explore that interest from high school to college and beyond. Each camp has a unique curriculum that generally features hands-on activities conducted in a competitive environment that promote teamwork, leadership, project management, and problem solving.

Campers are supervised by mentors made up of professional engineers, engineering students, military personnel, educators, and other STEM professionals. These mentors are committed to inspiring campers to pursue STEM in college. Mentors are also resources for the campers, providing long-term connections for our alumni.

For the latest information and additional information we recommend navigating to the following page: or this flier: here. You may also contact Steve Perrot at

APPLICATIONS ARE DUE BY MARCH 15th via the website! Applicants will be notified of selection in April 2022.

Did you know the SAME Hampton Roads Post provides sponsorship opportunities for students in Hampton Roads that would like to attend the Engineering and Construction Camps?  Contact Steve Perrot at about post sponsorship opportunities.