Hampton Roads Post 

2022 – 2023  


Do you have an interest in serving in a leadership position for our Post?
We are a very active Chapter and want your help!  Our Mission is:

  • Enhance Industry-Government Engagement
  • Preparing Veterans for the  A/E/C Industry
  • Building Resilience throughout the Country
  • Developing Leaders and Professionals
  • Producing STEM Professionals for the Nation
The SAME  Hampton Roads Post is looking for hardworking volunteers who are interested in serving on and leading the following committees:

Deputy Programs
Deputy Treasurer
Member Representative – USN
Member Representative – USACE
Member Representative – USCG
Member Representative – USAF
A/E Firm Representative
Engineering Firm Representative
Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO)*
Construction Representative
K-12 Outreach**
Small Business Conference
Student Chapter Virginia Tech
Student Chapter ODU
Construction Camps
Community Projects**
Young Members**
*Committee Chair position is open 

**Active volunteers needed to join the committee 
Board meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of every month from 1000-1130 typically in conjunction with the Lunch Programs. If you would like more information about these committees and how we lead in our community, please contact Deborah Cohen, PE, Post Secretary, at:



2022 - 2023 Board of Directors

Ms. Amy Cheatham
Role Name Company
President CAPT John Barresi
President Elect CAPT Gordon "Tres" Meek
Immediate Past President Ms. Louise Slate Tetra Tech 
Vice President – Membership LT Rachel Radwan USN
Vice President – Programs Ms. Anat Mor Burns & McDonnell
Vice President – Communications (i.e. Content Manager and Publicity) Ms. Kristen Smith Froehling & Robertson, Inc. 
Vice President – Scholarships Ms. Amy Cheatham Wood.
Secretary Ms. Deborah Cohen Tetra Tech
Treasurer Mr. Doug Richter Tetra Tech
Deputy Program Chair/Event Coordinator Mr. John Crossen AFG Group Inc.  
Deputy Communications Ms. Dainan Gibson ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC
Deputy Treasurer Ms. Beth Drylie Michael Baker
Board Member - USN LT Kareem Radwan NAVFAC MIDLANT
Board Member - USACE LTC Reggie Jamo USACE Norfolk District
Board Member - USCG CAPT John Berry USCG
Board Member - USAF Mr. Tim Gaffney  USAF
Board Member - Construction Mr. Rob Sinclair Allan Myers
Board Member - Small Business Ms. Stacey Higgins Burns & McDonnell
Board Member - Deputy Small Business Ms. Cindy Nash
Ms. Tabitha Abnet
GET Solutions, Inc.
Board Member – A/E Firm Mr. Sean Lebel
Jensen Hughes
Board Member – Engineering Firm Ms. Carrie Kane HDR
Board Member – Young Member Ms. Melissa Waefler RS&H
Board Member – Deputy Young Member Ms. Nicole Swartz JMT
Board Member – NCO OPEN OPEN
Board Member – K-12 Outreach Ms. Tara Wise Dills Architects
Board Member -- Deputy K-12 Outreach CAPT Cesar Acosta USCG
Board Member – Resiliency Mr. John Crossen AFG Group Inc.  
Board Member - Fellow Mr. Don Young MBP
Student Chapter (VT) Mr. Kevin Wills MBP
Student Chapter(ODU) Mr. Scott Blossom Blossom Consulting
Construction Camps Mr. Steve Perrott RS&H
Streamers Mr. John Crossen AFG Group Inc.  
PMP/Accreditation Cmt Ms. Peggy Farrell Leidos
Community Outreach Projects Mr. Steve Perrot RS&H
SAME Fellow Chair / National VP Mr. Neal Wright STV
Fellow / Elected Director Mr. Mike Darrow USACE Norfolk District
Regional VP Mr. Bob Bevins Pennoni
Fellow Mr. George Bonner USCG
Fellow RADM Jim Heinz USCG
National VP/Fellow Mr. Mark Handley AECOM
Fellow Ms. Paula Loomis The Urban Collaborative
Fellow CAPT Eileen D'Andrea USN