SAME Governance

SAME is a 501(c)(3), headquartered in Alexandria, Va. The organization is led by a 47-member National Board of Direction, which includes five National Officers (President, President-Elect, Past President, and two Vice Presidents), and a national office staff led by an Executive Director. In addition to their strategic duties as national officers, three positions maintain oversight of three key components of the organization: the President-Elect oversees the Academy of Fellows and its Chair while one Vice President oversees the Committee & Councils and their Chairs while the other Vice President oversees the Regional Vice Presidents. The SAME Board of Direction is comprised of the National Officers, 17 Regional Vice Presidents, 13 Committees & Councils, and 12 Elected Directors.

The SAME Foundation was established in 2016 and is currently accepting submissions for its Board of Directors, which is scheduled to be set by January 2017. The SAME Executive Director is also the Executive Director of the Foundation, and while the Foundation Board is separate from the SAME Board of Direction, the SAME Board is the ranking entity.

Below you will find documents and resources on SAME's governance, as well as financial reports. Past year information can be found in the archives section at the bottom.

Resources & Documents

SAME Constitution IRS Determination Letter
SAME Certificate of Incorporation SAME Investment Policy Guidance
SAME Bylaws (updated 5-9-22) Nominating Procedures (updated 9-27-21)
RVP Manual BOD Minimum Expectations
SAME National Leadership Intro to Robert's Rules of Order
SAME 2025 Strategic Plan BOD Legal Duties
Post Operations Manual SAME Conflict of interest Policy
2018 SAME Industry - Government Engagement Plan SAME Whistleblower Policy
SAME National Governance Summary Industry-Govt. Engagement Procedures
SAME Code of Conduct National BOD Travel & Lodging Policy
National Governance Cycle COI Operations Manual
Request for Foundation Funds DRAFT DEI Action Plan
Membership Business Procedures Guide DRAFT Awards & Recognition Policies & Procedures

Financial & Tax Information 

SAME Governance Archives

2015 Meeting Archive

2014 Meeting Archive



2013 Meeting Archive

2012 Meeting Archive