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Small Business

The Small Business Committee mission is to promote small business participation in SAME.  The committee will ensure representation by the Kittyhawk Post in HQ SAME events and participation in Small Business Council Activities.  Information gained at the National level will be shared with the local Post for enhancement of Small Business opportunities and awareness by the membership.  The committee will work closely with the Industry Affairs Committee for seeking opportunities to promote the utilization of Small Business.  This shall include participation in the Post Annual Roundtable in the fall by inviting small business representatives from government and industry to maintain familiarity with rules and regulations and business opportunities. The committee shall make recommendations to the Programs Committee for inclusion of at least one speaker during the year who represents small business interests.  In addition, the committee shall include a Post Small Business Liaison Officer as a member for representing the Post on a national and local level.

Committee members are:

Scott Porter, Small Business Liason
Kristen Hosni
Mary Sharrett
Barbara Howell
Ricardo Brower
Chelsey Pacquette
Jim Schafer
Robert Reed

Darin Willis
Savvas Sophocleous