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Post Leadership

Name Position Company Phone
Andy Harlan President Smith Seckman and Reid 931-215-9908
Paul Phillips Vice President Sherlock Smith and Adams 865-867-7564
David Wacker Treasurer Jacobs 865-220-5173
Alex Snyder Secretary Mesa Associates, Inc. 865-898-6805
Alfred Nuzzolo Director of Membership NNSA 228-2499-892
Mike Lee Director of Education and Training/STEM USACE 865-574-7611
Lorie Baker-Wallace Director of Relationships and Recognition Navarro 865-220-9650
Sam Mayes Director of Programs Management Solutions LLC 865-963-0400
Alex Snyder Immediate Past President Mesa Associates, Inc. 865-898-6805
Barry Totten Director at Larger CNS 865-621-9647
Paul Phillips STEM/College Director
David Wallace Director at large
Greg Galaher Director at Large Alliant 865-220-6057


National Leadership

Name Position Employer
Joe Schroedel Executive Director SAME, National
Jill Murphy Associate Director, Membership & Post Operations SAME, National 
Ted Foster SAME, Regional VP Smith Seckman Reid, Inc.