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Build leaders and lead collaboration among government and industry to develop multidisciplined solutions to national security infrastructure challenges.


To be a premier global engineering organization leading the professional and personal growth of all members in support of military readiness and development of solutions to national security challenges.


Unwavering commitment to always do what is right, regardless of consequences.

Support our national ideals and take pride in our country.

Public Service
Recognize the critical contribution that public servants play in supporting the economic and environmental needs of the nation.

National Security
SAMERecognize the dedication of our national security team comprised of uniform services, civil service and contractors in defending freedom.

Technical Competence
Deliver high-quality solutions.

Strive for the highest standards of performance in all actions, both personal and professional.

Environmental Stewardship
Preserve, protect, conserve and restore our national resources through sustainable development.

About the Post

The Scott Field Post of the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) is one of more than 104 Posts representing over 29,000 members worldwide. The SAME organization is supported by Regions, and each Region is comprised of several local Posts. The Scott Field Post is one of six posts within the Missouri River Region.

The Scott Field Post represents SAME members on Scott Air Force Base, Illinois and the entire southwest region of Illinois to include the greater St. Louis, Missouri metropolitan area. In addition to our local members, we have members across the nation who contribute to the success of the Post. Our membership is composed of Individual Members and over 30 Sustaining Member firms totaling in excess of 270 members. As of 2011, the Scott Field Post membership also includes the Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville Student Chapter.

Events are held on a monthly basis which foster professional development in design, construction, and related fields. Opportunities abound for public sector and private sector employees to interact and work together. Programs like science fair judging, scholarships, and college outreach are key to the Post reaching students and preparing them for careers in engineering or boosting interest in the military and the public sector.

We are one of the most successful Posts in the Society, reflected in our annual Streamer Award wins and successful Education and Mentoring program. On an annual basis, the Missouri River Region teams up with our sister region, the Texoma Region, for a Joint Regional Engineer Training Symposium.



The Society of American Military Engineers
of the Scott Field Post

Be it known to all by these presents:  The members of The Society of American Military Engineers residing in and near Scott Air Force Base, Illinois having associated themselves in the formation of a local unit of the Society, and having applied for charter under the style and title above indicated:

Now, therefore, by virtue of the authority reposed in us by the Constitution of The Society of American Military Engineers we have this day granted to the said Scott Field Post this 

Charter of Incorporation

as witness our signatures and the Seal hereto affixed.

            It shall be the purpose of this Post to promote the aims of The Society of American Military Engineers and the interests of National Defense, by fostering closer personal relations between the members of our Society, by stimulating the interest of the profession in engineering preparedness both personal and material, for the defense of our country, by the standards and traditions of the profession of military engineering.

            This unit and its members shall observe all the duties and requirements and enjoy all the rights and privillages which are now or may hereafter be demanded or accorded by the provisions of the Constitution of the Society, and by the law of the United States.

            This Charter shall be perpetual.

Given at Washington, D.C.; this    21st  day of     October     1960.

The Society of American Military Engineers

Maj Gen Augustus Minton, President