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SAME is a great resource for information! The Rhein-Main Post of SAME strives to provide interesting technical talks on a wide range of important topics related to our work and the mission of the US DoD. Since not everyone is able to attend our meetings each month, we maintain an archive of presentations for download and often make recordings of our events available on our YouTube Channel.

PDH certificates are offered to those attending our briefings, either in person or virtually.  Check out upcoming events on our Events Calendar and sign up!

2023 Presentations, Events, and Information

2023 Europe Region NewsFlash

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Europe Region NewsFlash

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2020 Presentations and Information

  • 10Dec2020 Rhein-Main Post Announcements | Cost Management & Quantity Surveying in UK & Europe | Recorded Presentation
  • 19Nov2020 19Nov2020 Rhein-Main Post Announcements | Integrating US and German Fire Protection Codes | Recording of Event
  • 29Oct2020 100 Years Germany and USA | Recording of Event
  • 11Sep2020 Rhein-Main Golf Outing 1920-2020 video
  • 20Aug2020 Rhein-Main Post Announcements | Escaping the Office Slide Handouts | Escaping the Office Recording
  • 17Jul2020 USACE Europe District FY20 Upcoming TORNs
  • 16Jul2020 Rhein-Main Post Announcements | MeritusRICU_LessonsLearned_WSP
  • 01Jul2020 01Jul2020 USACE Europe District TORN Process Slides and Materials | USACE Europe District TORN Process Recording
  • 16Apr2020 Rhein-Main Post Announcements | SCIF Design and Construction
  • 27Feb2020 Rhein-Main Post Announcements | 4 Programme Management Lessons (Stanley)
  • 30Jan2020 Rhein-Main Post Announcements |  USACE Europe District FY20 Program Update

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