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Post Updates


It’s been a while since our Post had a newsletter editor, and hence… a newsletter. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy doing great things in support of our communities and the Society. This newsletter covers the first nine months of the year, but we hope to be on a quarterly battle rhythm going forward. Please take a second to see all of the great things we are doing as a Post.


Newsletter Available Here


And if you have recommendations for stories to include in the newsletter or have recommendations on how to make the newsletter better, than please reach out to Zakary Payne (zakary.payne@matrixdesigngroup.com) and let him know!

Come to our December Holiday Gala

Join SAME PPP for our December Holiday Gala and General Meeting to be held December 12th from 1800-2200 at the Phantom Canyon Brewery.

Libations, Food, Post Awards and State of the Post presented by Post President Todd Cartwright.


RSVP HERE: www.regonline.com/PPP2018HolidayAwardsEvent

On Friday August 16, SAME PPP hosted the 2018 Education and Mentoring Golf Tournament at Patty Jewett Golf Course. 

Stephen Sabish and Amy Giles, 2018 SAME PPP $1,500 Scholarship Award Winners, received certificates from Post President Todd Cartwright at the Education and Mentoring Golf Tournament at Patty Jewett Golf Course on August 17th.  Nicholas Sammons, also a scholarship winner, was not able to be present.

Stephen Sabish, Scholarship Award Recipient, golfed with SAME Members during the Tournament and helped his team get a birdie!



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Mentors needed for STEM Camp.

We are looking for Young Members to mentor at the Air Force Academy 25 June-02 July. If you are available please let us know ASAP. 

This is a great chance to give back and inspire our future leaders / STEM graduates.

Please contact Candis Hamilton at c_hamilton@outlook.com for more information.

Check out the presentations from the SAME/Eaton Engineering Seminar held March 22, 2018. Topics Include:

  • Microgrids
  • Arc Quenching
  • Facility Harmonics
  • Lighting
  • UPS Design
  • Transformer Technologies
  • Power Metering and Submetering

All presentations can be found here