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Sponsorship Opportunities

The Post relies heavily on event Sponsorship not only to highlight your firm but also to keep event costs manageable for our members. As a Sponsor, we include your company logo on our event promotions and registration website, provide an opportunity to give an elevator speech at the event, and allow you to hand out company information at the event.


The Philadelphia Post hosts two major conferences each year: Design and Construction Issues at Construction Sites (DCHWS) and Small Business Conference (SBC). We look forward to working with your company to bring value to your investment.

We also organize a Young Professional Conference each year in conjunction with local College/University. These events are offered to attendees free of charge to students, so we are eager to retain sponsoring firms for this event.


Our Annual Liberty Golf Classic is fundamental to our Scholarship Program. Each June, 100+ golfers attend the golf outing. Sponsorship allows you to post your company logo at each hole, at the course, or for the entire tournament. Because of this event, our Post typically awards more than $30,000 in Scholarship each February to military and non-military STEM students attending local colleges.

Monthly Meetings

Luncheon and Dinner Meetings are organized each month with different programs: Army, Navy, Recognition, Resiliency, etc. Sponsorship can be used to provide appetizers or drinks for an event. These are viewed as add-on benefits for an event, so not all events have these extra benefits to our members. Sponsoring a meeting is a quick way to get your firms name out in front of the membership.