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Engineering Roundtable / E-Week Committee

Omaha Engineers Roundtable Membership Overview

  • Assist in developing a program to support the Engineering Roundtable E-Week events.
  • Identify topics that are diverse, timely, and of interest not only to the general membership but also to potential engineering and other professional recruits.
  • Tie in the annual National Engineers Week theme into program planning.
  • Publicize the Engineering Roundtable E-Week in the Post newsletter and on the Post web site.
  • Set up booth(s) at key location(s) during E-Week to promote the engineering profession and benefits of joining SAME.

Connecting Students

We connect students with practicing professions to discuss opportunities in engineering.

  • Set up sessions where students can interact with professionals to discuss career opportunities and challenges within the engineering/architecture arena.
  • Prepare information/handouts to provide students and others to make them aware of opportunities in the engineering and engineering-related professions.

Education Committee Support

  • Include Post programs specifically targeted at the needs and interests of young members and students.