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Mission Strategies

The Omaha Post has developed the following strategies for achieving its mission:

  • Being a focal point for individuals and organizations in design and construction
  • Support national SAME missions
  • Providing quick response to change by improving organizational/operational efficiency
  • Following/providing National/International SAME leadership
  • Educate larger/more diverse audiences
  • Contribute value to members
  • Train post leadership
  • Recognize excellent service to post/community
  • Improve organizational/operational efficiency
  • Ensure continuing revenue sources

General History

The Omaha Post had its beginning in discussions among the military engineers assigned to the U.S. Engineers Office in Omaha, NE, during late 1938 and early 1939. The first recorded interest is a letter (dated January 11, 1939) from Lt. Edwin A. Bedell to the National Headquarters requesting information and assistance in forming a Local SAME Post.

Just over one year later, March 12, 1940, a formal meeting, under the chairmanship of Lt. Col. W. M. Hoge, met in the conference room of the U.S. Engineers Office. By agreement of those present, a committee was appointed to submit a report on the activities and services that could be performed by a local post. This committee consisted of Lt. Edwin A. Bedell, Jack A. Gardner, and Will H. Noble. The Organizational Committee presented their report at a follow-up meeting on March 19 and received direction to establish a Petition for Charter.

The Petition for Charter, containing 28 member signatures, was signed on March 26, 1940. During the March 26 meeting, the following officers were elected to serve pending the granting of a local charter creating a permanent organization:

  • Lt. Col. W. M. Hoge, Temporary President
  • Jack A. Gardner, Temporary Secretary
  • Lt. Edwin A. Bedell, Temporary Treasurer

As recommended by the Organizational committee, the Constitution and By-laws of the Rock Island Post were used as a basis for the Constitution and By-laws of the proposed Omaha Post. The National Society recognized the Omaha Post petition on May 6, 1940, and officially chartered the Post effective March 26, 1940. The Omaha Post charter was signed by Brig Gen. G. B. Pillsbury, President, and William Bowie, Secretary. The Omaha Post began with 38 Charter Members. Despite the loss of four Post officers to active duty service during World War II, the 100-member milestone was reached during 1942. In 1945, the 200-member milestone was first reached. Interest waned in the late 1940s and bottomed out at 88 members in 1949, The 100- member mark was again reached during 1950.

In the early 1950s, with the affiliation of the Omaha Post with the Nebraska Engineering Society membership again picked up. The 200-member milestone was again achieved during 1954.

Growth of the Post: In 1966 the 200 mark was achieved for good. In 1977, membership topped 300. The Post reached the 400 mark in 1982, the 500 mark in 1985, and ending the 1987 calendar year at 673 members (the all-time high). With the elimination of the Strategic Air Command at Offutt AFB in 1991, membership began to decline but has remained in the 500 range through current times.

The Omaha Post has achieved Distinguished Post Status in the following years: 1961, 1966, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1978, 1981, 1982, 1983, and 1985 through 2002, 2006, 2009, and 2012. The Omaha Post was honored in 2001 to be a Top Three Post and in 2012 was part of Missouri River Region’s being named the Top Region in the U.S.

Special Dates


  • On January 11, 1939, Lt. Edwin A. Bedell wrote a letter to the National Headquarters requesting information and assistance in forming a Local SAME Post.


  • On March 26, 1940, twenty eight members signed the Petition for Charter.
  • The National Society recognized the Omaha Post petition on May 6, 1940, and officially chartered the Post effective March 26, 1940.


  • 224 members, wives and guests toured the Missouri River.


  • The Historical Committee was appointed to research the record, write a Post history to date, and destroy all records that appeared to have no future value.


  • The Omaha Post hosted the SAME annual conference.
  • The Omaha Post held their first Student Mentoring Program awards ceremony, in conjunction with the National Conference.


  • Roger Wozny, PE, of the Omaha Post, named as the SAME President, one of only a few civilians to be honored with this position.


  • Omaha Student Post out-going President Sarah Nieves was recognized for her contributions as the first-ever Student Post award winner.


  • Omaha submitted proposal to host 2011 National Conference – although ultimately was not chosen.
  • Jeanne LeBron Elected as First Woman President of the Omaha Post.
  • Mr. Roger J. Wozny, P.E., FSAME, LEED® AP, at the 2006 National Joint Engineering Education and Training Conference in New Orleans on May 31, was awarded the Society of American Military Engineer’s Walter O. Bachus Gold Medal in recognition of his outstanding leadership and dedicated service.
  • Establishment of the Doug Plack Memorial Scholarship.


  • Matt Harvey received the Academy of Fellows Mentoring Award.
  • Adam McIntyre is the recipient of the Society of American Military Engineers 2007 Student Certificate of Achievement.


  • Missouri River/TEXOMA Regional, LaVista, NE. The first ever Fellow/Young Member Event, which has since become a Society tradition.
  • Brook Valley School Outdoor Education Area renovation – SAME members giving back to community.
  • NASA Astronaut speaks at SIMP program.


  • Black Hills Post was integrated into a Field chapter of the Omaha Post.
  • First annual Omaha Post holiday and awards event.

SAME Omaha Post Sustaining Members


The Society of American Military Engineers (the Society) established the Academy of Fellows in 1995 to recognize those members of The Society who have distinguished themselves in service to the Nation, the Engineering Profession, and the Society. To be nominated, a member of the Society must meet strict standards and each nomination is carefully considered by a reviewing committee and approved by the SAME Board of Direction. The Constitution of The Society provides that Fellows are "members of the Society who have rendered dedicated and outstanding service to The Society and to the engineering profession and who are approved to become a Fellow in accordance with procedures established by the Bylaws. Nominees shall have been members of The Society for a minimum of ten years and shall remain in good standing in the Society."

Academy of Fellows

Below is a listing of active Omaha Post members who are also members of the Academy of Fellows.
Congratulations to everyone listed.





Gerald Adams F. SAME
Gary Chesley P.E., F. SAME 55th Civil Engineer Squadron
Geoffrey Compeau F. SAME Weston Solutions, Inc. 
Karlus Cozart F. SAME AFCEC 55th Wing-PMO
Philip C. Deakin Principal and CEO, P.E., F. SAME Deakin Technology Partners
Richard Donovan P.E., F. SAME U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Retired)
Mary Erwin F. SAME HDR
Julie Fisher Principal, F. SAME  Farnsworth Group, Inc. 
Marvin Fisher P.E., USA (Ret), F. SAME Isaak Advisory Group
William Glismann P.E., F. SAME HGM Associates Inc. 
Natasha Gromak  PMP. F. SAME  Woolpert, Inc. 
Matthew Harvey  P.E., F. SAME HDR
John Henderson P.E., USA (Ret), F. SAME HDR
Steven Houser F. SAME Stantec
John Hudson  P.E., USA (Ret), F. SAME Stanley Consultants Inc. 
Michael Huffstetler  Federal Client Leader, F. SAME  DLR Group Inc.
Ronald Hughbanks F. SAME
Col. Miro Kurka  USA (Ret), P.E., PMP, F. SAME  Mead & Hunt Inc. 
Chris Langan  P.E., F. SAME  Lamp Rynearson, Inc. 
Anita Larson PG, F. SAME Tumeq / Swift River
Jeanne LeBron F. SAME Atkins Global
Cynthia Lincicome F. SAME TLI Construction
Geoffrey McKenzie P.E., F. SAME CDM
Matt Metcalf  Chief Strategy Officer, F. SAME 
Larry Myers  F. SAME  USACE 
John Nocera  ASCE, BCEE, P.E., F. SAME  ARCADIS, U.S., Inc. 
David Packard  RA, F. SAME 
Thomas Poer  ENVSP, P.E., PMP, F. SAME  HNTB 
David Press USA (Ret), F. SAME U.S. Strategic Command (Retired)
John Remus P.E., F. SAME USACE-Omaha District
David Reynolds  P.E., USA (Ret), F. SAME  Farnsworth Group, Inc. 
Tod Ringenberg F. SAME University of Nebraska Medical Center
Robert Roumph P.E., F. SAME U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Retired)
Col. Robert Ruch  F. SAME  Pond 
John Shaler  P.E., F. SAME  Tanaq Environmental, LLC 
Bryan Vulcan P.E., USA (Ret), F. SAME FourFront Design, Inc.
John Whisler, Jr. P.E., USA (Ret), F. SAME
Rick Wice  PG Battelle 
Jeffrey Williamson  P.E., F. SAME  Burns & McDonnell 
Roger Wozny P.E., F. SAME, LEED AP

SAME Omaha Post Membership Overview

Why Join?

Because you, or your organization, wish to associate with professional engineers with an interest in national defense and in many engineering-related fields. Joining SAME can lead to the following benefits:

  • To learn about current and emerging capabilities and needs of government, military, and private sector engineers;
  • To participate in professional, technical, and educational workshops and conferences, and earn credit for doing so;
  • Networking to help establish partnering, teaming and mentor-protege relationships, and other business development opportunities;
  • To expand the capacity of government and industry to respond to emergencies and catastrophes; and
  • To receive professional publications produced by The Society and participate in its job referral/resume matching service and several affinity benefit programs.

How to Join

Simply complete an application for either Individual Membership, Sustaining Membership (Corporate), or Sustaining Membership (Public Agency). For membership applications, recruiting information, or information on our recruiting campaign, please contact our post membership committee leads.

Individual Memberships are offered in four (4) categories:

  • Regular Member (age 36 or above)
  • Young Member (under age 36)
  • Student member (in full-time course of study)
  • Life Member

Sustaining memberships are offered in two (2) categories:

  • Corporate (Private Sector); each firm or business can designate five (5) individuals as its members.
  • Public Agency (federal, state, county, municipal government or military organization); each can designate six (6) individuals as its members.

Memberships are also available for non-profit organizations. All who join become members of SAME National and a Post—a double benefit (unless they elect an At Large designation).

Further Information

For National SAME applications and further information please check the links below.