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First, I want to take the time to thank Marshall Robert for stepping out in faith in 2018 and accepting the Post Presidency. Marshall describes his style as “a dog on a bone”. He is tenacious in everything he does and he was just what the post needed at that time. Under his watch the NJ Post accomplished an amazing number of successful activities and the large number of the volunteers were the engine to move the NJ Post forward.

Second, last year we were asked to get on board with the mission of re-branding the NJ Post as “Not New York, Not Philadelphia, but New Jersey”. All of us agreed that it was the right approach for this unique Post. We also agreed to strengthen our efforts to increase the number of military and former military members of the post. These ideas laid the foundation for improving the Post in many ways, not the least of which is in recognition by SAME National. I attended the Joint Engineering Training Conference in May where 2,200 members attended technical sessions and networked. Two of the highlights for me were the awards luncheon and the closing Ball and Gala. It was clear that this society is more than a gathering of military and professionals, it is a family of like-minded volunteers with common goals. I was pleasantly surprised and proud to see our name on the list of Distinguished Posts and to receive 6 streamers, 4 of which are with distinction. It was proof that our efforts in 2018 were successful. So, to all of you who take the lead in providing outstanding events, I say thank you.

As we move forward, I want the NJ Post to focus on continuing on the paths that we started in 2018, including: re-branding the NJ Post, increasing the involvement of our service members, increasing our young member ranks, planning on holding events with both our neighboring Posts and with other professional societies. We are in the process of developing our March to 2020 event under the direction of one of our past presidents, Mike Hanlon. We have robust young member and small business committees who regularly produce high quality events. We team with our neighboring posts of New York City and Philadelphia in the development of both technical and networking sessions. We actively work with other professional organizations to provide relevant technical sessions with continuing education credits. Let’s make 2019 a great year for the New Jersey Post.

Peter Jaran
2019 Post President