The Society of American Military Engineers Mid-Maryland Post 2023 Scholarship Application Form

2023 Applications are OPEN!

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The Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) is a premier global engineering organization with a mission to "lead collaborative efforts to identify and resolve national security infrastructure-related challenges”. A primary means of fulfilling this mission is to encourage talented students to pursue careers in engineering, architecture, and related fields.

The Mid-Maryland Post of SAME supports the mission by providing assistance to deserving students pursuing a baccalaureate degree in engineering, architecture, or related science, planning, and construction fields at local colleges and universities. Scholarship applications will be reviewed in April and awards of at least $1,000 per recipient will be announced in May.

Scholarship applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible:

  • United States citizen;
  • High School senior or full-time undergraduate student (freshman through junior) at an accredited university or college (including 2-year community colleges), preferably in the Frederick / Baltimore / Washington, DC area;
  • Pursuing an associate or baccalaureate degree in engineering, architecture, or related science, planning, or construction fields; and
  • Have not been awarded this scholarship more than four times in the past.
  • Applicants must submit the attached application form, an official transcript, and a narrative, type written and no more than 750 words, addressing the following:
  • Academic / professional goals and how it relates to the mission of the SAME;
  • Extracurricular activities;
  • Summary of previous military service, if any; and
  • Other comments to assist the selection process.

The applicant’s school counselor, academic advisor, or administrator must endorse the application to verify enrollment. The scholarship will be awarded after college enrollment is confirmed in the school year awarded. The scholarship will be paid directly to the School Registrar.

Application, narrative, and official transcript must be mailed or e-mailed, to arrive no later than April 17, 2023 to:

Shelby Cheese (Wimsatt)
SAME Mid-Maryland Scholarship Director (STEM, Golf, and Camps)
c/o Bold Concepts, Inc.
814 W. Diamond Avenue, Suite 200
Gaithersburg, MD 20878 (443) 974-3305 swimsatt@boldconcepts.com 

Congratulations to our Past Scholarship Winners!

We appreciate all your hard work in your respective fields and look forward to the difference you will make in the world in the future.


2020 Scholarship Winners 

Parker Bagshaw, Scholarship Winner

Bryce Kampert, Scholarship Winner
Evan Chase, Scholarship Winner 

2019 Scholarship Winners 

Parker Bagshaw, Scholarship Winner
Matthew Patrick, J.Michael Nash Scholarship Winner
Emily Frashure, Scholarship Winner