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Post President

LtCol Christopher M. Scannell, PE, USMCR

(May 2023)

Message from the President

The Society of American Military Engineers was founded in the wake of World War I with the explicit purpose, among others, “to encourage, foster, and develop relations of helpful interest between the engineering profession in civil life and that in the military service.”  Since that time, over the past 100+ years of the Society’s history, SAME’s members have distinguished themselves through service to our nation, communities, and the engineering profession.

I take a tremendous amount of pride in my personal service to the country as both a uniformed engineer officer and a licensed Professional Engineer.  Indeed, “Military Engineering” represents the intersection of my two greatest career passions, and through SAME I have found deep and reliable source of camaraderie, connection, and professional development. 

I also take pride in my community and my region within our great nation.  SAME is a society of posts, and though SAME impacts military operations on a global scale, its local post serves and the core units of execution and the center of programming. 

As your Kittyhawk Post President, my goal is to continue the broad and inclusive programming that provides value to our members in the A/E/C industry, and ultimately to carry on these traditions and assure these benefits for generations of members to come.  The Kittyhawk Post offers a full menu of options for participation, so regardless of interests and background, you can find something here.  Monthly luncheons, special programs, industry days, small business workshops, golf outings and sporting clay shoots, scholarship programs, local and regional science fair and STEM festival participation, young member mentorship, sponsorship of summer camps and the national Leadership Development Program… the options for involvement are endless.  Please reach out and I am happy to make the connections which ultimately enable our broader mission accomplishment.

Let there be no doubt – The US military fundamentally exists to fight wars on behalf of our nation and keep our citizens safe.  Democracy is increasingly under attack in a world of intensifying conflicts and rising autocratic powers.  But the American spirit is one of freedom, ingenuity, fellowship, and justice.  It will take our collective efforts to secure our freedoms, but SAME provides the perfect setting to live by my favorite motto: “Work Hard, Play Hard.”

Through building relationships, we build strength.

Very respectfully,


LtCol Christopher M. Scannell, PE, USMCR

SAME Kittyhawk Post President