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Midtown Engineers
Phone: 713.862.8848
Email:   jlaporte@midtownengineers.com

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TAMU Student Chapter

Student Chapter Committee Mission and Goal: 

Our Mission is to assist the TAMU Student Chapter with Society information, Programs, Post member support and financial assistance. 

Our Goal is to have a vibrant Student Chapter with participation of the Houston/Galveston Post members. The Houston/Galveston Post proudly supports our Student Chapter at TAMU. We promote student membership and provide mentoring, networking, and professional development to assist members in their transition from Student to Working Professional through scholarships, internship and entry level positions. 

Student Chapter Webpage link: https://maroonlink.tamu.edu/organization/same 

Student Chapter Faculty Advisors: John Walewski, Ph.D. and Chuck Wolf, Ph.D. 

Faculty Advisor Emails: jwalewski@civil.tamu.edu; cwolf@civil.tamu.edu