Belen Valdovinos
Phone: 713.369.5512
Email:  mvaldovinos@fugro.com

Javier Infante
Associated Testing
Phone: 713.748.3717
Email:  javier@associtedtesting.com

Committee Members

Representative from each Public Agency Member

Public Agency

Public Agency Committee Mission and Goals: 

Our Mission is to provide our Public Agency members support by the private industry and other public agencies in accomplishing their governmental mission. 

Our Goal is to have each of the Public Agency Sustaining Members provide a permanent representative on the committee; this group with chair leadership will define “issues” which the Post will provide member teams to assist in recommending solutions for these “issues” from private industry and other public agencies. Key Post members or private industry experts will be utilized on a case by case bases and will be led by Public Agency members. Our intent is to respond to the requests of our Public Agencies for improvement in areas they have identified.