Ryan Kanzleiter
Conti Federal
Phone: 281.757.4238
Email: rkanzleiter@contifederal.com



Awards Committee Mission and Goals: Our Mission is to support the leadership in providing timely awards to the members, awards for our ROTC units at supported Universities, awards for our golf and skeet events and other awards as requested. 

Our Goals are to ensure that the Houston/Galveston Post always meets our commitments at all events. The normal awards presented by the Post are: 

1. Out-going Officer / Committee Chair / Director awards for Installation Banquet (January)

 2. Member of the Year Award and Young Member of the Year Award (January) 

3. Keynote Speaker Award at Installation Banquet (January) 

4. ROTC Awards (April) 

5. Sustaining Member Firm - Large and Sustaining Member Firm – Small Awards (June) 

6. Public Agency of the Year Award (June) 7. Golf Tournament Awards (November)