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SAME Classic website will shut down on Thursday, February 29, 2024. Post websites hosted by the national office are completed migrated into our new system.

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Sustaining Members


SAME Sustaining Memberships offer your company the opportunity to network with industry leaders in the public sector and uniformed services. Learn about upcoming projects first-hand at numerous workshops and events, such as the annual Engineering Service Chiefs and Federal Programs Briefings. Interact with Young Members as they find their path in the A/E/C field.

Included with your membership are five slots for individuals as your member representatives. SAME requires that one of those representatives must be in its Young Member category (35 years of age or younger). All five of your representatives will receive subscriptions to The Military Engineer magazine, SAME News and Government and Industry e-News, allowing them to stay on top of important developments in the A/E/C field.

Your principal representative and Young Member representative also will receive a copy of the annual SAME Directory of Member Companies and Public Agencies! Whether at your Post, or the annual Joint Engineer Education and Training Conference & Expo, your five agency members will participate in important education and training events at the local, regional and national level.

The annual cost of a sustaining membership varies by the size of the firm, and membership in multiple posts can be obtained at a discount. Please visit the SAME National website to complete your application for detailed information and to join the Frontier Post SAME as a sustaining, public sector, retired military or individual member.

Please submit changes to SAME National Headquarters, 1420 King St, Suite 100, Alexandria, VA 22314-3117 - Phone: (703) 549-3800.


Long Beach, CA

Laramie, WY

Burns & McDonnell
Kansas City, MO

Five-R Co.
Cheyenne, WY

Innovative Technical Solutions Inc.
Cheyenne, WY

MACTEC Engineering and
Consulting Inc.
Alpharetta, GA

MKK Consulting Engineers
Greenwood Village, CO

The Neenan Company
Fort Collins, CO

Ninyo & Moore
San Diego, CA

Auburn, WA

Tampa, FL

Saint Paul, MN

Tetra Tech Inc.
Denver, CO

Trihydro Corp.
Laramie, WY

Triple C -- The A&E Group
Laramie, WY

URS Corp.
Denver, CO

Weston Solutions Inc.
Lakewood, CO

4Clicks Solutions
Colorado Springs, CO