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Past Events

NOTE:  Please contact the Post Secretary for PDH certificates or verification of attendance for any past events you were present at but did not receive a certificate. (flwsame@gmail.com)

For information on 2017 and earlier events please contact the programs chairman.

2018 Monthly Luncheons

17 JAN 18- The value of Professional Development and Credentialing efforts to Military Engineers: Presented by COL Kevin S. Brown, P.E. Assistant Commandant US Army Engineer School

21 FEB 18 – Introduction to the US Army Engineer School Credentialing Program:  Presented by MSG Justin R. Payne, Credentialing Program Manager, US Army Engineer School

21 MAR 18 - Underground Utilities and SAME Young Member Program: Presented by Mr. Rick Post, Pangea Group, Inc. and WO1 Darius Cooper 5th Engineer Battalion

25 APR 18 - Preview of the 2018 Joint Engineer Training Conference (JETC) in Kansas City and FLW support plans: Presented by Dr. Shawn Howley US Army Engineer School

30 MAY 18 - Joint Meeting with the Army Engineer Association (AEA)- Overview of SAME and AEA’s Organizational Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives: Presented by Dr. Howley; President, FLW Post, SAME & LTC Runyon; President, FLW Chapter of the AEA

15 JUN 18- Joint Meeting with AEA for the 243rd Army Engineer Regiment's Birthday Celebration

17 JUL 18- Farewell Luncheon for Dr Shawn Howley

15 AUG 18 - Overview of Military Civil Engineering support to Forward Operating Base Planning and Support in the Middle East and Africa: Presented by COL G. SCOTT NALL, P.E., USAFR

19 SEP 18 - Fort Leonard Wood Post Construction Updates: Presented by Mr. Kyle Henry, P.E., DPW Master Planner

17 OCT 18 - Military Engineer Support to Railroad Operations & Terrain Walk of Big Piney Trestle and Bridge: Presented by CPT Puritz US Army Engineer School

14 NOV 18 - Army Engineers and Military Engineering Prior to and during WWI: Presented by Mr. Troy Morgan, US Army Engineer Museum Curator and Mr. Florian Waitl, US Army Engineer School Command Historian.

12 DEC 18 - Engineer Credentialing Opportunities and Status Update: Presented by MSG Payne, Directorate of Training, US Army Engineer School

2019 Monthly Luncheons

16 JAN 19 – Installation of 2019 FLW Post Officers and Overview of Engineer Support to MO STEAM/STEM Opportunities: Presented by Dr. Steve Tupper, FSAME, Military Education and Research Liaison to Fort Leonard Wood, University of Missouri-Science and Technology

20 FEB 19 - Desert Storm "Over the Berm" Staff Ride Lessons Learned in Large Scale Combat Operations: Presented by Mr. Florian Waitl, US Army Engineer School Command Historian

20 MAR 19 - Missouri VEX Robotics Competition Recap and Highlights from the 2018 Scott Air Force Base SAME Summer STEM Camp: Presented by Waynesville MO High School VEX Robotics Team & Nicole Gunyon, Scott Post SAME

17 APR 19 - Overview and Lessons Learned Recap from the 2019 Senior Engineer Leadership Conference (SELC) and ENTAPE: Presented by LTC Halberg, Chief of Staff, US Army Engineer School 

15 MAY 19 - Reflections on the Engineer Regiment and the History of the Sapper: Presented by Brigadier General Robert F. Whittle, 97th US Army Engineer School Commandant

17 JUN 19 - Joint Meeting/Participation with Army Engineer Association (AEA) in the 244th Army Engineer Regiment's Birthday Celebration: Presented by Various

17 JUL 19 - Canada, Armed Forces and Military Engineers; who we are and how we get to the fight (gap crossing capabilities): Presented by Major Marc R. Parent, Canadian Armed Forces Liaison Officer to MSCoE & FLW

21 AUG 19 - An Overview of the United States Air Force Engineers and Airfield Damage Repair: Presented by Lt Col Josh R. Aldred, PhD., P.E. USAF, Commander 782nd Training Squadron

18 SEP 19 - An Overview of the Historical Importance of Hooker Cut and Discussion of Modern Methods if Constructed Today: Presented by Mr. Terry Primas, Author: Route 66 in Pulaski County, Missouri a local history and Bloomsdale Excavating

16 OCT 19 - An Overview of the Importance of Military Support to FEMA and the Nation in emergency and disaster responses: Presented by Mr. Robert F. Danner, Deputy Chief Regional Emergency Liaison Officer (Deputy CREPLO), FEMA Region VII

20 NOV 19 - US Marine Corps Engineering Capabilities: Presented by Major Dan Hough, USMC

18 DEC 19-    Upcoming presentation on Engineer Credentialing opportunities

2020 Monthly Luncheons

15 JAN 20 – 2020 Board or Directors Induction, Post Awards & Presentation on the Use of Geospatial Technology and Information in the FLW Sustainable Range Program presented by: Mr. Chris Bevis Range Control

19 FEB 20– Presentation on Future Engineer Technology Concepts and Capabilities. Program presented by: MAJ John Collings from MSCoE Concepts Branch & Mr. Rich Rogers from USACE-ERDC

18 MAR 20 – Planned SAME Luncheon Postponed due to COVID 19 concerns

15 APR 20 – Planned SAME Luncheon Postponed due to COVID 19 concerns

20 MAY 20– Planned SAME Luncheon Postponed due to COVID 19 concerns

26-29 MAY 20 – SAME JETC (100th Anniversary), Washington DC VIRTUAL

17 JUN 20 – SAME Luncheon Postponed due to COVID 19 concerns

15 JUL 20– SAME Luncheon Postponed due to COVID 19 concerns

29 JUL 20 - SAME Luncheon & Industry Day (VIRTUAL): Presentation: Fort Leonard Wood Hospital Project Overview and Industry Opportunities. Presented by: J.E. Dunn and Associates

19 AUG 20– Presentation: Historical Engineering update-Hurricane Karina 15 years in the rearview mirror-lessons learned Presented by Dr. J. David Rogers, Ph.D., P.E., P.G., C.E.G., C.HG., F.ASCE, F.GSA

16 SEP 20– Presentation: An overview of the current and planned construction projects currently being worked on by the Fort Leonard Wood Master Planning Office. Presented by: Mr. Dax Cogdill, Master Planner, FLW DPW

21 OCT 20– Presentation: Allied Engineering Update: European Theater. Presented by: LTC Helge Lammerschmidt, German Army Foreign Liaison Officer to Fort Leonard Wood

18 NOV 20– CY 21 Planning, Call for Volunteers, Presentation: Emergency Management Planning and Exercises. Presented by: Vasili (Bill) Karatzas. LTC USA (Ret.), Emergency Manager for Texas County, Missouri (the largest county in the state)

16 DEC 20– 2021 Board of Directors Election, Presentation: Engineering Capabilities related to Port Improvement via Exigent Repair (PIER) project effort Presented by: Mr. Gary Johnson COL USA (Ret) USACE-ERDC, Vicksburg MS