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Education and Mentorship

Coastal Carolina Post Scholarship Program

2023 Post Scholarship Application

The Coastal Carolina Post of The Society of Military Engineers (SAME) has an excellent scholarship opportunity for high school students aspiring to become engineers.

Download the scholarship package

Licensure/Certification Reimbursement

Coastal Carolina Post will provide reimbursement for candidates obtaining professional licensure and certification. The reimbursement is to assist first-time candidates with preparation and application expenses. Eligible credentials include PE, FE, RA, PLS, LEED, CMIT, and CESB accredited certification programs. See link below for details.

The application period for reimbursement of expenses for licensure/certification closed on 30 April 2021.

College Scholarships

The Post awarded two new scholarships in April 2022. Each new scholarship is good for four years, provided the student progresses with their education and extracurricular activities. Congratulations to the most recent winners: Samuel McClure (UNC Charlotte) and Ayden Kay (NCSU). 

Scholarship Winners

2022 Winner

Samuel McClure

Samuel McClure (UNC Charlotte - Computer Science major)


2021 Winner

Tatihana Loya

Tatihana Loya (UNC - Charlotte)




2018 Winner

2018 Winner Kenneth Scott

Kenneth Scott

Ayden Kay

Ayden Kay (NCSU Elec Eng major)


2020 Winner

2021 Winner Tyler Fitzgerald

Post Scholarship Winner: Angus Dove (Cornell University - Mech Eng major)

Feb 2023 - Thank you Coastal Carolina Post and the Society of American Military Engineers, for approving a fourth installment of my scholarship. This scholarship has helped tremendously over the past years, so thank you again. -- Angus


2017 Winner

2017 Winner Tyler Fitzgerald

Post Scholarship Winner: Tyler Fitzgerald