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Welcome to the Boston Post Education and Outreach!  For a presentation featuring Education and Outreach click here.

The SAME Boston Post Education and Outreach Committee supports and funds students, student programs, teacher training, and provides classroom materials that develop skills and interests in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields.  Members of the Outreach Committee are also available to speak at Career Days, provided judges for science fairs and participate in other school based STEM events.

The goals of our program include targeting students, both boys and girls, in grades 4-12.  In addition to the support of our professional members, we offer grants range from $500 to $1,000 that can be renewed annually. Funding is offered for School and Community-Based Programs; SAME Engineering and Construction Camps; and Middle School Summer Camps.

SAME Engineering & Construction Camps -2020 Camps for High School students

Summer Camps

Examples of School and Community-Based Programs include:

  • Middle School Engineering and Science Camps (see below for details and links)
  • FIRST Robotics and Lego Programs
  • STEM Career Days and Classroom presentations
  • NASA Rocket Clubs
  • Science and Math Fairs
  • Field Trip Sponsorships
  • Community Engineering field days
  • Technology-based Teacher Training
  • MathCounts competitions
  • College STEM programs

Click here for the funding application form.
Click here for a schedule of upcoming Outreach activities and volunteer opportunities:

Those requesting funding are typically referred and sponsored by an SAME Boston Post member or Sustaining Member company.  For more information, please contact SAME Boston Post Education and Outreach Chair, Jeff Dulgarian (jeff.dulgarian@northwindgrp.com)

Application Deadlines: Applications for grant funding must be received by September 30th of each year for the programs planned for Sept through December.  Applications for programs occurring between January and August should be received by the Outreach Committee by January 31st of that year.  Awards are based on an Outreach Committee budget approved by the Boston Post Board of Directors.   Grants will be awarded the first week of October and first week of February.  Click here for the Outreach funding application (Outreach Funding Form).

SAME Engineering & Construction Camps
The link provided above identifies the qualification requirements for students currently in their sophomore or junior of high school.  Applications are due to the Outreach Committee via email (Jeff Dulgarian) 2-3 weeks prior to the application deadline to the SAME National.   Please be sure to specify to which Camp you are applying.  

Note that there is a specific application for the U.S. Air Force Camp.  This application requires proof that you have already started the application process to attend a service academy or ROTC.  The Outreach Committee will collect all of the applications and select one candidate for each of the Engineering & Construction Camps.  These will be submitted to the SAME National for review and final selection.  The Outreach Committee will cover the costs for the camp by direct payment to the Camp and up to $600 in airfare will be provided in reimbursement for the selected students.  We also require that the selected students attend a monthly Boston Post lunch meeting to present to Post members on their experience at the Camp.  This is a great opportunity for the students to gain experience with public speaking and networking with engineers and scientists.

Middle School Summer Camps
The SAME Boston Post provides funding for qualified middle school students interested in attending one-week summer camps at local schools and colleges offering engineering, science, or technology programs, some of which at presented below. To qualify for consideration students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a United States citizen, living in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or New Hampshire, entering grades 4 through 8 in the fall.
  2. Have a strong academic interest in math, science, or technology and/or a desire to learn more about technology-based careers including math, science, engineering, architecture, computers, robotics, rocketry, astronomy, electronics, or related fields.
  3. Nominee must demonstrate
    1. Academic achievement (minimum B equivalent average overall);
    2. Teacher recommendation (provide a letter from teacher confirming student's academic interests and achievements)
  4. Nominee meets one of the following criteria:  
    1. Child of an active duty or deployed military/civilian DoD agency personnel;
    2. Child of a Boston Post SAME member;
    3. Child of a federal government employee;
    4. Child recommended by a SAME Boston Post member
  5.  Validation of payment of full Program tuition required prior to sending scholarship funding.

Requests will be considered by the Outreach Committee from January to April of each year for Programs held during the subsequent summer. Up to four scholarships will be awarded each April from a pool of $2,000 with awards ranging from $500 to $1,000 depending on the number of qualified requests and cost of the programs. Cost can include tuition, lab fees, and provided meals.

Criteria for acceptance of Program:

  • Located in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire;
  • Classes offered are age appropriate and related to science, math, or technology (computers, rocketry, engineering, robotics, architecture, etc.);
  • Programs offer hands-on learning to stimulate interest of participants
  • Program length minimum of 1-week with 3-hours technology/science/math instruction per day
  • Program located at or associated with a school or other accredited institution
  • Program can be overnight or day based
  • Education committee will approve all camps/programs

Suggested Camps include (though are not limited to):

  • College Academy
  • ID Tech Camps
  • Emagination
  • Design Camp
  • Summer Institute for the Gifted
  • Pilgrim Science Summer Camp
  • Camp Reach - Girls (WPI)
  • Cyber Camps

Other examples of programs that can be funded by Outreach Committee grants are generally setup and operated by Middle Schools and High Schools.  Boston Post members are also available to support school-based STEM programs and come speak at Middle Schools and High Schools regarding careers in STEM.  These presentations are geared to the age of the audience and done in coordination with the teachers.