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USACE - Research firm capabilities re. response to the pandemic

Received March 27, 2020



USACE is researching the capabilities of firms that are able to assist in our response to the pandemic. 

Linked for download:

USACE flyer about doing business with USACE - https://www.same.org/Portals/0/posts/anchorage/COVID19/USACE%20Contracting%20Customer%20Guide%20Flyer.pdf?ver=2020-03-27-170033-957
BetaSAM tips (including USACE DoDAACs) - https://www.same.org/Portals/0/posts/anchorage/COVID19/BetaSAM_Tips_USACE_MAR2020.pdf
Memo from the USACE Director of Contracting - https://www.same.org/Portals/0/posts/anchorage/COVID19/Director%20Memo%20-%20Message%20to%20Prospective%20Contractors%20-%2020MAR2020.pdf


Keep an eye out for any sources sought announcements for market research on BetaSAM from the USACE Alaska District, and in the meantime if any of our LOCAL ALASKA vendors want to provide me their capabilities statement with regards to services related to the COVID-19 response (in addition to sending it to COVIDContracting@usace.army.mil) - please send these to me at kathy.j.kinnett@usace.army.mil.


From https://www.usace.army.mil/Business-With-Us/Contracting/ - ________________________________________

USACE COVID-19 Market Research Request:

Vendors with the ability to perform or supply items 1, 2 and 3 below are requested to send capabilities statements to our dedicated COVID-19 Contracting mailbox: COVIDContracting@usace.army.mil.

1. "Build-out" or retrofit of existing space (arenas, convention centers, dormitories, hotels, or other facilities) into alternate care facilities

2. Field Medical Units

3. Temporary Medical Enclosures

Please Note:  Vendors of other supplies and services are welcome to submit capability or interest statements regarding support of the USACE COVID-19 Response.  All interested parties are requested to register at the SAM.gov website under the "Disaster Registry" tab. Learn more about the Disaster Registry at: Blockedhttps://www.acquisition.gov/disaster-response-registry.

Due to the volume of submissions, individual responses are not possible.




Thanks very much,



Kathy J. Kinnett

Small Business Professional

US Army Engineer District, Alaska

Office of Small Business Programs

Office:  907-753-5557


What's happening at the Anchorage Post


Updates from SAME's Only Post in Alaska

We know students have been very busy now that school started, so we have hurried to get the 2019 scholarship application ready! Download the application here. All the info you need is included in the form.

Request for review of revised bylaws from membership

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