Company Membership in SAME

Joining SAME is the best way to make your company available to the federal, state, and local government agencies looking for the services and products you provide. Government agencies are tasked with significant demands and they rely on industry to meet those demands. SAME provides your company the opportunity to successfully conduct market research, navigate the government acquisition and procurement contracting maze, find teaming partners to help you execute projects, develop relationships and build trust. Through a sustaining company membership in SAME, your company will be recognized as a trusted partner that will meet requirements and exceed expectations.


Join as a Company Member  today and enjoy these benefits:

  • Build your firm’s relationships and network with the public and private sectors in an above-board forum and outside a formal framework
  • Gain visibility for your business by contributing your subject matter expertise through speaking at conferences, writing articles, and participating in our Communities of Interest
  • Expand your clientele with listings in both our public-facing and members-only Sustaining Member Directory; you’ll gain further market penetration with an individual listing for each of your  company representatives in our member-only individual member directory
  • Perform market research and gain market access through national conferences, regional symposiums, industry days, and small business fairs
  • Build your brand by exhibiting at or sponsoring events, advertising in The Military Engineer magazine, and more at special rates
  • Create local relationships and connect with decision-makers where you have offices with active participation in one or more of our chapters (we call them Posts). One post is included in your membership and you have the opportunity to join additional Posts that will expand your reach in all the markets you serve.  Our network of over 100 Posts gives you opportunities locally – all across the globe
  • Provide your team with all the benefits as an SAME individual member, demonstrating your commitment to their success and professional development
  • Exclusive rates for new subscribers on federal data intelligence platforms FedMine and GovWinIQ

SAME membership terms are for one year and on an anniversary cycle, so you will renew on the anniversary month of your join date. A Company membership includes membership in one local post and up to six individual memberships. Additional individual memberships and/or Posts may be added to meet your needs. You may change Posts only during renewal, however you may add Posts during the year. Individual memberships remain with the individual even if they leave the company and you may replace them by purchasing another membership. Dues are calculated based on the total number of employees working for the entire company in any capacity (for joint ventures, dues are determined by the total number of employees in ALL companies included in the JV). Company employee count may be audited based on publicly available data. At SAME all members are equal and therefore we do not provide discounts on membership. Dues are non-refundable.

The Value of Membership and Participation in SAME

Questions? Contact:

Johnny Frasier | 703-549-3800 x175
Member Services | 703-549-3800 x131


Company membership application [PDF]

“We are establishing at this time a Society of American Military Engineers. This society will serve no selfish purpose. It is dedicated to patriotism and national security. Its objects are, in brief, to promote solidarity and co-operation between engineers in civil and military life, to disseminate technical knowledge bearing upon progress in the art of war and the application of engineering science thereto, and to preserve and maintain the best standards and traditions of the profession, all in the interests of patriotism and national security.”

–The Military Engineer magazine, January 1920