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The Society of American Military Engineers is the only nonprofit professional engineering education organization that actively promotes the advancement of both individual technical knowledge and the collective engineering capabilities of governments, the uniformed services and private industry.

Our goal is to unite public and private sector entities and individuals in the A/E/C fields so that we can prepare for and overcome natural and man made disasters, acts of terrorism and improve security at home and abroad.

The Gem State  Post accomplishes this goal locally by supporting monthly luncheon meetings and other professional/social activities attended by members of local government, military, private industry, students and other interested parties. Meetings are announced via e-mail. Join our Post to learn about our activities!  We are supported by the national Society of American Military Engineers and publications such as The Military Engineer, which also promotes the interests and goals of our society and its members. Please peruse our website to discover the benefits of SAME Gem State Post membership.

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Gem Post Visits Idaho Military Museum

Idaho Military Museum

The Gem State Post gathered in person on Thursday January 20, 2022 for tour of the Idaho Military Museum. This is a location that the Post has been hoping to tour for some time. In true Idaho style, a snow squall rolled through Boise just as the meeting kicked off with the Pledge of Allegiance, but that didn’t deter anyone!