The mission of the SAME Energy & Sustainability Community of Interest (E&S COI) is to engage COI members and support the Department of Defense on energy & sustainability (E&S) activities across the SAME enterprise in support of the 2025 SAME Strategic Plan – Securing America’s Future, Together. Specifically, the E&S COI will lead efforts to strengthen industry-government engagement by fostering a supportive environment to discuss E&S activities and advancements in support of the A/E/C community and our national energy security.


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Organization Structure

Community Chair
Norm Campbell

Immediate Past Chair
Michelle Exaros

Vice Chair (Chair-Elect)
Matt McCann

Communications & Outreach
Darryl Moser

Co-Lead for Communications & Outreach: Vacant

Programs & Webinars Lead: Vacant

Industry & NGO Outreach Lead
Dave Robau

Public Sector
Paul Robinson

Elizabeth Bradford

Co-JETC Lead: Vacant

Volunteer Engagement
Courtney Bonas

Young Professional (YP) Liaison
Mitch Minotti

LinkedIn Guru
John Topmiller

Strategic Alignment & Goals

Goal 1: Strengthen Industry-Government Engagement

  • The E&S COI provides a platform for industry and government members to grow professionally in a mutually supportive environment.

Goal 2: Build and Sustain Resilient Communities

  • Many advancements in E&S are incorporated into resilient designs. The COI provides multiple platforms to share these advancements and additional research needs through the E&S Track at JETC and regularly scheduled COI webinars.

Goal 3. Develop Leaders for the Profession

  • Through the development of the E&S Track at JETC, we provide focused themes to continue to drive the E&S conversation.

Goal 4: Enrich the STEM Pipeline for the Nation

  • The E&S COI asks members to volunteer for STEM competitions and encourages members to mentor at SAME STEM summer camps to encourage our next generation to pursue STEM careers.

Goal 5. Prepare Service members and Veterans for the A/E/C Industry

  • The E&S COI provides a platform to leverage the leadership of service members and veterans for them to address challenges in the A/E/C profession.

Stay Engaged

Electrifying Transportation on DoD Installations

Date: Thursday, August 4, 2022 | 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT

Location: Virtual via Big Marker (Login information will be sent to you separately)

Webinar Description:

The Department of Defense is looking broadly at electrification of transportation on installations. Many of the real world projects completed to date have been of limited scope and focused on low impact opportunities, leaving the question open of what the implications and impact be of widescale electrification at an installation? This presentation will focus on a holistic approach to installation electrification, looking at constituent mission interactions, equipment availability timelines, electric grid capacity, and grid upgrade timelines, and how these complex elements will play together in achieving a fully electrified fleet.

  • Understand the fundamental challenges of planning and installing electric vehicle charging infrastructure on federal facilities,
  • Learn strategies for successfully planning electric vehicle fleet conversion activities, and,
  • Learn strategies for interacting with outside stakeholders, like utilities providers and in planning your charging infrastructure

John Halliwell, Senior Technical Executive, EPRI

Matt McCann, Federal Energy Market Sector Lead, AECOM

For additional information, please visit the Energy & Sustainability COI Page  on the SAME website.

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