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SAME Classic website will shut down on Thursday, February 29, 2024. Post websites hosted by the national office are completed migrated into our new system.

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Greetings SAME Dallas Post Sustaining Members!

Thank you for your SAME membership and support of our Dallas Post! We are successful because of our Sustaining Member Firms (SMs) and we sincerely appreciate you! It is volunteers like YOU who make our Society so powerful in connecting the public and private sectors, providing avenues of face-to-face networking, and designing and building America’s future.

We are conscious of providing member value and invite you to present your firm’s capabilities in an SM Spotlight Your SM Rep will provide a 2 to 3-minute presentation during one of our Post meetings, typically held the third Monday of each month. As added value, we will highlight your firm on the SAME Dallas Post website, www.same.org/Dallas, so our audience becomes familiar with your services.

Would you like to take advantage of this member value and provide an SM Spotlight? This is a great way to reconnect with old friends, make new contacts, and get involved in our local SAME community. We provide a platform for you to network with some of the most kind and influential folks in North Texas, while learning about upcoming local, regional, and national events supporting our Society’s Strategic Plan.

Get in line to be a featured Spotlight by contacting Dallas Post 2023 Sustaining Member Chair, Jeff Davis, F.SAME at jeff.davis@terracon.com. Again, thanks for supporting the SAME Dallas Post! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

SAME Dallas Post Sustaining Members ~ February 2023


Alpha Testing

Benham Design

CDM Smith


Cyntergy AEC

Dallas Aerial Surveys (DAS) Geospatial

DE Corp.

DGR Consultants


Farnsworth Group



Glaus, Pyle, Schomer, Burns & DeHaven (GPD) Group

Go Energistics

Granite Construction Company

Halff Associates



HVJ Associates

Integrated Modular Solutions


JAX Engineering


Juniper Environmental



Mbroh Engineering

MSMM Engineering

O'Brien Engineering


QRI/Quaternary Resource Investigations


Schnabel Engineering

Spero Solutions

Terracon Consultants

TLC Engineering

Traylor Bros.


Vilbig & Associates




Thank you to the SAME Dallas Post Sustaining Member Spotlights.

Sustaining Member Spotlight Firms March 2023


Farnsworth Group – David Reynolds, dreynolds@f-w.com (Learn More)

Vilbig & Associates - Jennifer Vilbig Lawson jennifer@vilbig.com (Learn More)

Terracon Consultants – Jeff Davis, jeff.davis@terracon.com (Learn More)

Sustaining Member Spotlight Firms January 2023


Alpha Testing – Jeff Wilt, jwilt@alphatesting.com (Learn More)

DAS Geospatial - Stephanie Beckham stephanie@dasmaps.com (Learn More)


Halff – Joshua McClure, jmcclure@Halff.com (Learn More)

O’Brien Engineering - Garry Kraus gkraus@obrieneng.com (Learn More)

Sustaining Member Spotlight Firms June 2022  

McLaughlin Insurance - Jeff McLaughlin Jeff@mclaughlin-ins.com (Click Here to Learn More)

DGR Consultants, LLC – Diane Gollhofer, diane@dgrconsultants.com (Click Here to Learn More)

Sustaining Member Spotlight Firms April 2022  

Centrica - Brian Burcham Brian.Burcham@centrica.com (Click Here to Learn More)

Farnsworth Group – Marv Fisher, mfisher@f-w.com (Click Here to Learn More)

GPARS - Tom Browning, tbrowning@gpars.com (Click Here to Learn More)

Traylor Bros - Glenn Walsh, gwalsh@traylor.com (Click Here to Learn More)

Sustaining Member Spotlight Firms March 2022  

Benham – Aaron Barta (Colonel, Retired), PMP, EIT, Aaron.Barta@haskell.com (Click Here to Learn More)

Halff Associates, Inc. - Mike Fallon, mFallon@Halff.com (Click Here to Learn More)

Vilbig & Associates, PLLC - Jennifer M. Vilbig Lawson, jennifer@vilbig.com (Click Here to Learn More)

Sustaining Member Spotlight Firms January 2022  

GEI Consultants – Elizabeth Savage, esavage@geiconsultants.com (Click Here to Learn More)

Granite Construction – Curt Haldeman, curtishaldeman@yahoo.com (Click Here to Learn More)

Jacobs – Mike Brannon, Michael.Brannon1@jacobs.com (Click Here to Learn More)

O’Brien Engineering – Sarah Cole, scole@obrieneng.com (Click Here to Learn More)


Sustaining Member Spotlight Firms October 2021  

Traylor Bros., INC  - Glenn Walsh, P.E., Pursuit Manager/Alternative Markets , gwalsh@traylor.com (Click Here to Learn More)

VRX, INC - Noelle Ibrahim, P.E., President, Noelle Ibrahim noelle@vrxglobal.com (Click Here to Learn More)

Sustaining Member Spotlight Firms July 2021  

Garver  - Wallace Smith,P.E., VP, Director of Federal Services , WCSmith@Garverusa.com (Click Here to Learn More)

GeoStabilization  - Ron DeVaux , ron.DeVaux@gsi.us  (Click Here to Learn More)

Juniper Environmental, LLC  - Terri West, terri.westperkins@juniperenv.com  (Click Here to Learn More)

Sustaining Member Spotlight Firms June 2021  

Obrien Engineering, Inc  -Lexi Buckner, lbuckner@obrieneng.com (Click Here to Learn More)

Sustaining Member Spotlight Firms April 2021  


Jacobs – Ben Matthews, Ben.Matthews@jacobs.com (Click Here to Learn More)

Siemens – Terri Marroquin, teresa.marroquin@siemens.com (Click Here to Learn More)

Hayden – Daphne King, dking@hydenconsultants.com (Click Here to Learn More)

Black & Veatch – Rich Hancock, HancockR@bc.com (Click Here to Learn More)

Sustaining Member Spotlight Firms March 2021  

CP&Y – Jose Aguilar, JLAGUILAR@cpyi.com (Click Here to Learn More)

Halff Associates – Mike Fallon, mFallon@Halff.com (Click Here to Learn More)

HNTB – George Cisneros, gcisneros@hntb.com (Click Here to Learn More)

The Exchange – Cecilia Espinoza, espinozace@aafes.com (Click Here to Learn More)

Sustaining Member Spotlight Firms January 2021  

Gessner Presentation: (Click here)

IEA Presentation: (Click here

Schnabel Presentation: (Click here)



Sustaining Member Spotlight Firms June 2021  

Obrien Engineering, Inc  -Lexi Buckner, lbuckner@obrieneng.com (Click Here to Learn More)

Welcome to NEW SAME Dallas Post Sustaining Member Firms for 2023

Harley Ellis Devereaux Corporation

Elements of Architecture 

Contact - Jerry Fulwiler, CCIM,   jfulwiler@elementsofarc.com

Elements of Architecture, Inc. (Elements) is a commercial architecture firm based in Fort Worth, Texas that was founded in 1996 by Debbie Fulwiler, AIA. We specialize in planning, design, and management services that encompass each phase of a project from the earliest in planning stages and conception of design through construction documents, permitting/judicial coordination, and submittals, as well as assisting our clients with construction management.

Elements serves a wide range of public and private clients that benefit from our team’s experience, which includes both proposed and existing facilities used for food processing, freezer/cooler, defense/R&D, mission critical, office, transportation, education, healthcare, retail, industrial, and strategic/master planning. Our team provides new and innovative solutions dedicated to the aesthetic and functional needs of our clients for facility designs, relocations and renovations, and are adept at handling various delivery methods including design/build, design bid build, and CMAR.


Interested in joining the SAME Dallas Post? Please visit Company/Organization Membership (same.org) to register as a Sustaining Member/Public Agency and choose Dallas Post.

If you recently added the Dallas Post to your corporate Sustaining Membership and do not see your firm featured here, please contact the 2023 SM Chair for inclusion ~ jeff.davis@terracon.com

We look forward to welcoming new SAME Dallas Post Sustaining Members in 2023!