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  • SAME Washington DC Post: The First 100 Years

    Chartered in 1921, the SAME Washington DC Post is celebrating its Post Centennial with the SAME National Celebration.

    This document, "SAME Washington DC Post: The First 100 Years," is dedicated to the thousands of individuals who have contributed to the Washington DC Post of SAME and was created to help celebrate the centennials of the Society and the Post. Countless hours were spent reviewing the The Military Engineer Archives to populate the content herein. It is impossible to appropriately credit everyone's involvement, service, and dedication the Post for the past century. The overall intent of this document to provide an awareness and some highlights of the Post's past role in the progression of the Society, and our society.

    Another objective of this document is to illustrate the unique, but joint relationship of the Washington DC Post and SAME National Headquarters. Located in the Nation's capitol, the DC Post is sometimes referred to as a "mega" post, and has a long, rich history with the uniformed services and government entities. With more individual and sustaining members than any other post, and in close proximity to the headquarters of almost every US government entity, the Post strives to balance the demand for access to leadership with cutting edge programs that provide relevance for its members.

    Contained within this 140+ page document are a chronological listing of Post events, links to articles about significant Washington DC area engineering projects, and noteworthy post news. There are over 45 historical pictures, hundreds of hyperlinked references to The Military Engineer, and several appendices. The appendices - Awards, Biographies, Chapters, etc. contain further details about the Post's past.

    The Post has no defined geographic service area, but embodies a population of Washingtonians, city infrastructure and spirit from its membership that this document hopes to preserve. The document also illustrates that the DC Post, while large in membership, shares resources with other outstanding nearby posts, sometimes with varying results. Recognizing the Washington DC Post Board of Direction for 100 years has been comprised of dedicated patriots who volunteer their time, it is acknowledged that admissions and inaccuracies may exist, but are hopefully minimal. While 2020 was an interesting year with COVID-19, it didn't deter the Post from meeting virtually. Lastly, it is wished some perspective is gained by the readers, to transform into action for influencing a better Society and society in the future. This document was humbly and respectfully developed for your benefit. Enjoy!


    The document was developed by the Washington DC Post Centennial Task Force (CTF). The following contributed to the development of this document:

    • CAPT Nelson Mix, PE, CHMM, F. SAME (USPHS); Washington DC Post CTF Chairperson
    • The Military Engineer Archives and JSTOR

    Special acknowledgment for reviews and guidance in the development of this document:

    • Mr. Philios Angelides, PE, F. SAME
    • CDR Patrick Jors, (USN)
    • Mr. Stephen Karl
    • Col. Tony Maida, (USAF, Ret.)
    • Dr. Get W. Moy, PE, LEEP AP, PMP
    • Mr. Al O'Konski, AIA
    • Dr. Robert Wolff, PE, F.SAME

    Support for centennial activities was provided by the following individuals and CTF members:

    • CAPT Robert Bevins, PE, F. SAME (USCG, Ret.)
    • Capt. Timothy T. Kim, USAF
    • Mr. Kurt Maldovan
    • Ms. Katherine Ollinger